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park-county-nonprofits - Park County Nonprofit Organizations List-Serve

Subject: Park County Nonprofit Organizations List-Serve

List Description, Goals, Guidelines, and Disclaimer

Events, news, nonprofit administration questions, and other issues of interest to people involved with nonprofit organizations in Park County, Montana.

Subscribers can post messages to the list by addressing an email to the address at the top of this page.

This list is moderated by staff of the Park County Community Foundation. The electronic platform is provided by a worker-owned cooperative: Electric Embers. You can read more about their business model here:

Goals of This List

The Park-County-Nonprofit list-serve will serve as a way for all Park County nonprofits to connect, coordinate, and collaborate. The Community Foundation hopes the list-serve will facilitate and empower more convenient communication amongst all of our community partners. Please use it as a way to ask questions about any of your organizational needs or share nonprofit community-wide news. We are grateful for the services you provide our community and hope to make your jobs easier.

Here are some of the ways we hope this list will be used:

We hope this short list of examples helps to spark some inspiration for how the list-serve can help optimize your productivity – while minimizing your frustration.

Please contact list administrator Barb Oldershaw if you have questions or concerns about any of these examples or guidelines:

List Etiquette

Park County is a diverse community with residents of many different backgrounds and political orientations. The Park-County-Nonprofit list-serve will only allow civil, respectful discourse. We welcome posts addressing controversial topics or divergent opinions. However, we will not tolerate name calling, threatening behavior, or mean-spirited commentary.

Subscribers must include your name, email address, and your primary nonprofit connection. This list-serve will not be anonymous nor secretive. There will be an Archives page set in “private” mode – and only visible to existing members of the list, not to the general public. (The name of the list is viewable on the Electric Embers website, but the archives are only visible to current subscribers of the list.)

We welcome all members of our nonprofit ecosystem: staff, volunteers, board members, organizational members, funders, and interested citizens.

Terms of Use

We ask that you respect the primary focus of this list, and adhere to the following guidelines:

Any posts that do not meet these guidelines will be removed from this list. The Park County Community Foundation retains the sole right to make decisions about whether a post violates the guidelines or is in some way inappropriate.

A Note About Bulk Email Services (such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc):

The Moderation Process

In order to keep this list-serve clearly focused, our plan is to moderate messages for the immediate future. This means that there may be a slight delay in your message being transmitted to the entire group. We hope this will only be a slight inconvenience in comparison to enjoying a list-serve that is free of potential spam and inappropriate topics.

Exclusion of Liability

The Park County Community Foundation is not responsible or liable for any user generated content. While we will do our best to moderate this list in order to create a gracious, respectful community, we are not responsible for user generated content that may be considered offensive, inappropriate, obscene, unlawful, infringing, or otherwise objectionable. To the fullest extent permitted by the law we -- on behalf of our Board of Directors, officers, and staff -- exclude and disclaim any liability from the use of this listserv.

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